The chaotic end to President Trump’s term will bring the usual blame and recriminations of defeat. In the coming months politicians, policy wonks, political entrepreneurs, and scam artists will jockey attention. Factions will split and argue over strategies and tactics to return the right to power. Some are anxious to again lose-like-gentlemen, others will scream about election fraud whilst begging for small-dollar donations, still others will hunt for likes with Bible quotes. All will be wrong. They will propose an impossible solution: conservative political success in the face of crushing cultural headwinds.

If there is a road ahead for the…

Nick Sandman
Nick Sandman
Nick Sandman, kid waiting for a bus

The judgments came fast and hard. “I want NAMES. Shame them,” tweeted comedienne Kathy Griffin. “The red MAGA hat is the new white hood,” added actress Alyssa Milano. A movie producer suggested the instantly infamous Covington, Kentucky teens be loaded hat first into a woodchipper. Scores of lesser knowns joined from America’s elite zip codes creating a days-long opprobrium cascade.

Just as the furor died new umbrage bloomed. In a “modern day lynching,” MAGA thugs had accosted a gay, black actor with racial slurs and a noose. …

Being a MAGA supporter can feel demoralizing. They are bullied on campus, accused of fake hate crimes, and casually labeled bigots, even when doing nothing but awaiting a bus. In Washington bureaucrats proudly pronounce ‘Resistance’ fealty and meritless investigations last years.

President Trump

So when phone calls or glossy mailers arrive adorned with the president’s image asking for a small donation to help fight back, many don’t hesitate.

But unless they ask the caller or read the fine print these donors won’t know the fundraisers are likely untethered to Mr. Trump’s reelection campaign. …

No one ever confused SEC Chairman Jay Clayton for a daredevil. He didn’t spend his youth bungee jumping, drag racing, or venturing to the deep end of the neighborhood pool. He is the staid, strait-laced embodiment of the Machine: the credential-and-prestige obsessed cabal of East Coast lawyers and fancy-degreed personages that land each year at name-brand federal agencies to pilot the American economy while disclaiming responsibility for the results.

Shallow-End Jay

Increasingly those who did jump (literally and figuratively) into the deep end — the risk-taking disruptors creating the new American economy — are complaining about Mr. Clayton’s stifling edicts. …

Americans’ concerns abound. Will they get that raise? How are their kids doing in school? Is that ransomware email claiming recorded porn watching real? But one concern tops the rest. What is Securities and Exchange Commission ‘Senior Advisor for Digital Assets and Innovation’ Valerie Szczepanik, aka NPC Valerie, doing for her taxpayer-funded quarter-million dollar salary, benefits, cross-country junkets, and pension? The question on everyone’s mind has now penetrated the SEC’s highest levels via Commissioner Hester Peirce, aka Crypto Mom.

NPC Valerie

Ms. Szczepanik is a card-carrying member of the ‘Machine’: the credential-and-prestige obsessed cabal of East Coast lawyers and fancy-degreed personages that…

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) crypto czar Valerie Szczepanik paused her nonstop conference-jaunting long enough to release token “guidance” for entrepreneurs and industry professionals. The document itself was unsigned, but the “public statement announcing it” was co-signed by Ms. Szczepanik and SEC Director of Corporation Finance William Hinman.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) hatched from the New Deal’s heady days. Many thought unfettered capitalism was done, disinterested technocrats could smooth free-market excesses and regulate economic affairs more fairly and efficiently. FDR and many others — wrongly as it turned out — blamed the 1929 market crash on insufficient government oversight.

In 2017, Canadian-based social-media company Kik sold Kin, a token usable within and outside its native ecosystem. Late last year the SEC kiboshed the kibitzing and now the lawyers have drawn their swords.

Will blockchain kill Big Data? Will upstart companies untangle the internet from our Silicon Valley overlords? Will the future web center on security and privacy or free and surveilled?

One place where Washington politicians have worked together is small business capitalization and the nascent token economy. The regulatory space around digital tokens is befuddling. The Token Taxonomy Act (Act) (H.R. 7356) introduced by Reps. Warren Davidson (R-OH) and Darren Soto (D-FL)tries to sort the muddled mess.

The Act amends the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 by removing certain digital assets from classification as a security. This would save them from the SEC’s piercing and unforgiving glare.

The Act adds “digital token” to the Depression-era prolix that comprise U.S. securities laws. Digital tokens would…

Paul H Jossey

Conservative-Libertarian lawyer #EndSocialJusticeWarriorism

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